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Girl drops fruit basket threesome porn, Did cnn air 30 minutes of hardcore porn:

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Did cnn air 30 minutes of hardcore porn

instead of Bourdain's travelogue. A CNN viewer tuned in on Thanksgiving night expecting to watch Anthony Bourdain's 'Parts Unknown' - but was apparently met with a half hour of porn instead. 'I think it air was a broadcasting error that affected only my house.'. The report online started in a tweet that porn appeared during the time slated for ".

Did cnn air 30 minutes of hardcore porn

Another Twitter user posted: 'Oops, I think those parts are known.'. 'Only a technical review of the individual's equipment involved could ascertain how this might have occurred. CNN, tweet that it happens to be showing porn right now. CNN "broadcasting error that affected only my house." This news not only traveled fast but it went from Rose's one lonely house supposedly experiencing an interruption of an adult video to as many as 300,000 homes having the porn broadcast to their TV sets. The company said after later review that the Boston viewer appeared to be the only one affected. Fox News, Variety and the New York Post are just some of the media outlets that ran with the story. Parts Unknown on CNN was widely circulated on social media, accompanied by the hashtag #BourdainPorn: Numerous web sites picked up on the hashtag and reported that CNN had arab mom and son porn accidentally aired thirty minutes of uninterrupted pornography: CNN accidentally aired a half hour of porn instead of Anthony Bourdains. "Who is the adult film actress?" This was a question that one Twitter user asked. Cable provider RCN told the viewer Friday morning it hadn't received any other reports in the Boston area. They include a Tivo icon, but the viewer said she was watching a live broadcast, not a pre-taped show.

The news story goes that viewers who tuned in did not find.Did, cNN became a very different kind of network.CNN denied airing 30 minutes.

Did, cNN air

This Twitter account was the first to post the image displayed here, and the only one to complain to @rcnconnects (the local cable TV provider that provides. But examples are minimal. . CNN 's broadcasting in Boston is provided by local television provider RCN, where someone may have been having some quality time with their right hand. No word on whether Anthony Bourdain approves of this dish. The RCN cable operator in Boston aired inappropriate content for 30 minutes on, cNN last night. An hour later, the. Rose tweeted pictures of her television at around 11:00 PM EST last night, which appeared to be broadcasting a hardcore porn video instead of the new episode. CNN has asked for an explanation said the cable news network to inquirers. The only one available was this one, perfectly pixilated by @solikearose. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below, allegedly, when Twitter user Rose solikearose ) settled in all full of turkey to watch the new episode of Anthony Bourdain's. Though the Twitter account has now been set to private after "weirdos" started "sending her hate mail" in the wake of this mishap, BGR reported, friday that, cNN was later temporarily "blacked out" on both of the woman's devices. Did anyone else with RCN in Boston see the hardcore porn that was broadcast by, cNN by mistake? I can't wait until RCN wakes up tomorrow realizes that hardcore porn was broadcast.

The Twitter user posted that.

The viewer posted several photos of her screen. RCN has denied that its feed was compromised Thursday night in Boston. We've confirmed that this one customer's account is in proper working order.'. She first saw it on CNN around 10:30 pm, watched something else, and kept checking periodically until the channel blacked out completely at. Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown." This was supposedly going on along the East Coast. CNN had planned to air six back-to-back episodes of 'Parts Unknown' in several states on Thanksgiving, including Massachusetts.


'People accused me of faking the story and creepy men sending me d* pics and sexual messages.'. - Did cnn air 30 minutes of hardcore porn

The original false report was apparently deleted from their Facebook page, and the new updated version was posted in its place without a retraction or apology. RCN folks awakened the day after Thanksgiving Day to realize that folks would be talking about the explicit video mistake on Black Friday. One viewer expressed her concerns on Twitter, I cant wait until RCN wakes up tomorrow realizes that hardcore porn was broadcast on CNN instead of Parts Unknown tonight, user @Solikearose wrote on Twitter, who has since deleted her account because weirdos sending me hate mail. The anti-Trump hysteria is so pervasive its really not worth watching the channel at all. As Mashable recently said : Fake news is like the living dead of new media. In another example of media hypocrisy, earlier today ABC published an ( unsubstantiated ) article claiming the fake news epidemic is part of a Russian propaganda campaign. Viewers expected to see eating on the show, just not that kind. Anderson Coopers AC360 is the most-watched show on CNN according to recent figures, averaging 988,000 viewers in April. What gives us further pause here is that RCN tweeted to @solikearose that no else had reported the issue. But again, maybe no one else was watching CNN in the Boston area last night. Update : RCN has responded page saying that only a single user claimed porn was aired, and. CNN viewers in Boston with the 30-minute explicit video not being aired nationwide. The fact that explicit video played for a full 30 minutes without being noticed by the higher-ups is likely causing lots of consternation for those who did not want to see Quinns explicit video instead of Bourdains show. Image by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP Images, according. The Lead with, jake Tapper covers the days top stories with a focus on politics and political newsmakers, having recently averaged 756,000 viewers at.m. Twitter user @solikearose was the first and really only person to screenshot and make noise about the mistake, leading us to be skeptical about this. Org Latest posts by Edmondo Burr ( see all ). We're glad we asked on your behalf, because here are CNNs Top 10 daily news programs, based on total viewers.


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